2016 Top Time Finishers

50 - Mile Endurance
Mens3:22:16Erich McAluster
Womens5:31:34Ingrid Alt
31 - Mile Expert
Mens1:59:30Caleb Thompson​
Womens2:39:30Lauren Wolford​
18 - Mile Sport
Mens1:15:25Stephan Griebel
Womens1:24:44Amy Haggart
13 - Mile Beginner
Mens57:59Liam Foody

Kelsey Nicholson

Ainsley Haggart


2018 Results

  • Chip-timed results online will be loaded up Saturday afternoon and are available through this link: http://rmtiming.co/results/
  • On race day, Rocky Mountain Timing will have screens you can check your time and print out the results, just type in your bib number on the screen

2017 Top Time Finishers

50 - Mile Endurance

(course changed to include McPhee Overlook Trail which opened in 2017)

Mens3:39:53Travis Brown
Womens4:38:01Tina Martinez
33 - Mile Expert  (course changed + 2 miles)
Mens2:22:47Michael Grajeda
Womens2:36:10Bettina Mills
18 - Mile Sport
Mens1:15:58Tanner McCullers
Womens1:33:28Lauren Aggeler
13 - Mile Beginner
Mens1:05:57Nick Glotfelty
Womens56:17Abby Shepard

2015 Top Time Finishers

50 - Mile Endurance
(Not Applicable - Did not exist prior to 2016)
31 - Mile Expert
Mens2:03:55Erich McAluster​
Womens2:26:15Sofia Gomez Villafone​
18 - Mile Sport
Mens1:17:25Quinn Swope
Womens1:37:07Elizabeth Weber​
13 - Mile Beginner
Mens1:01:35​Andrei Hiouas

Christine Tealdi